Nike F.C. are already well underway in recruiting members, who can continue and carry the heavy legacy of legends like Ronaldo, Cannavaro and Figo. The last two who joined the pack were found in Paris, as Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva were invited to the fold. Now Nike F.C. have gone to Berlin to meet two brothers known for their impeccable style, the Boateng Brothers.

Nike F.C. is much more than just sport. It’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle, where football is the absolute centre of attention. This is something Kevin Prince and Jérôme Boateng are an incarnated representation of. They grew up in Berlins street pitches and got their raw football upbringing on the asphalt pitches. This gave them tougher skin, something that has helped shape their football careers, as well as their personal lives.

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The story of the Boateng brothers is an especially inspiring one, because it’s the perfect tale about two boys, who were raised on concrete, but managed to adapt to and become both fearless and disciplined footballers. Nike couldn’t have written their story any better and the two players with Ghanaian heritage were therefore natural additions to Nike F.C.

The newest clothes have the stars in focus and they are incorporated heavily in the design. Hereby Nike yet again embrace and show off the epic and legendary side, which has been a recurring theme ever since the first collection was unveiled this spring.

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Since the Nike F.C. collection was unveiled for the first time last spring, honouring the clubs heritage, it has been in high demand. Nike show no signs of slowing down any time soon. What do you think about the new destination for Nike F.C.’s journey?