New Bundesliga matchball | Select presents the ball for the 21/22 season


Written by Sandra

For the fourth time Select presents the new Derbystar ball for the 21/22 season in Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga - Read more about it here.

Bundesliga matchball

The new football for the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga has once again a two coloured theme. Last year we saw it in green and purple, but this season it will be in dark blue and a light orange. The base will of course be in white. The contrast between the blue and orange complementary colours in the design has an extreme and lively effect. The contrast on the ball reflects some of the most essential moves in football. It’s primarily about winning and losing, but at the same time it’s also about the feelings around championships and promotion and relegation.

Derbystar technology

The Derbystar Football Brillant is manufactured by Select, due to Derbystar being a part of the Select Group, who are already known for making high quality footballs. The Derbystar is a tech-monster when it comes to the construction of the ball. The football is made with a synthetic leather called Teijin Microfiber, and comes with a 32-panel construction. This allows the ball to get a light structure, while the thermo-bonding eliminates any needs of stitching giving the ball a smooth upper. The thermo-bonding also reduces the water intake, which gives you a ball that performs at the highest possible level, even in wet conditions.

Get ready for the new Bundesliga 21/22 season and buy the matchball at Unisport right here