The collection is complete | adidas launches the Meteorite pack


Written by William

The summer colours from adidas are red - and we will see some amazing boots to join the new X Speedflow! Check them out here!

Last week adidas launched the brand new boots for Lionel Messi - the brand new adidas X Speedflow. A great speed boot which Jay Mike even called the best one from adidas ever!

Now it’s time to say hello to two other boots that will accompany the Speedflow. We’re of course talking about the Predator and the Copa. They will both launch in a sparkling red colourway.

We can’t say much more than “enjoy the pictures below”. Because the new boots are absolutely amazing to look at. And then we can have a quick talk about the technologies afterwards!

Continued below pictures


Let’s start with the Predator. They are launched in an amazing red colourway which we know always works great on the Pred! The heel is black to keep sort of a ‘danger’ illusion with the dark and red combination.

Techwise there’s nothing new about these Preds. It has a Primeknit upper, a Sockfit collar and the now iconic Demonskin with the grippy spikes to give you the best and ultimate control of the ball - and the game! As said, no big changes. But hey - why should adi change a great boot?

Copa Sense

The Copa is also made in red. A completely red upper actually. The soleplate is kept in white though which makes it stand out from both the Predator and the X Speedflow in this collection. And this will also stand out on pitch!

The Copa Sense still has its Sense Pods to give you the most comfort and control on pitch. The soleplate is also made to optimize control with some of the studs being able to move while running and changing direction with the ball.

You can check out the full Meteorite collection at Unisport right here!