New away shirt for Man City | Celebrating football


Written by Sandra

When you put on a shirt, you become part of something bigger - bigger than 90 minutes, bigger than football, bigger than yourself. This is exactly what putting on a Manchester City shirt means. Read more about the meaning behind the shirt here!

A DIFFERENT CITY - This City makes a difference. We go beyond Manchester, the United Kingdom, beyond Europe, working to create positive change for the community worldwide.

Manchester City away shirt 2021/22

The new Man City away shirt 2021/22 celebrates football as a force for good, inspired by the club’s global foundation initiative, Cityzens Giving. PUMA has partnered with Cityzens Giving and the club’s Official Water Technology Partner Xylem to deliver football and WASH education programs across the world and provide clean water access for communities in need, leveraging the away shirt as a source of inspiration and empowerment.

But how is the shirt a symbol of the Cityzens Giving? Good question - there’s water droplets throughout the shirt design, which highlights the foundation’s safe water program. The crest, PUMA cat and the sponsor logos are in iridescent colours, which resembles the effect of light breaking through water droplets. The eye-catching effect on the logos fades from pink to purple and then to blue.

Fun fact: If you look closely at the chest, you’ll notice something that looks graphic, but it actually isn’t. It’s the ventilation on the fabric, which is very visible.

Are you a true Man City fan or are you a fan of shirts with bigger meaning - then you can buy the 2021/22 away shirt at Unisport right here!