Today, adidas have launched a brand new generation of the 11pro. However, it's is not arriving on its own. It is accompanied by a new colourway for the Nitrocharge 1.0. Although we are just talking about a new design for this one. The boot itself is back in its original shape as it was we know from the update delivered by adidas in the early autumn. Come along as we take a closer look at the engine.

After we have experienced the Nitrocharge in some slightly different formats with the Crazylight and Hunt Series, adidas have now taken the engine back to construction in which it was presented back around the middle of August. Hereby, adidas have added all the elements which we missed in the previous models, such as the protective pads and mesh in the heel and around the midfoot, as well as the shape pads around the forefoot.

Switch out your engine with this new Nitrocharge Core Black/White/Flash Orange - just 210 Euro.

First and foremost, the new Nitrocharge contributes with a new design, and we are talking a combination of Core Black/White/Flash Orange. We recently spotted Nacho Fernandez from Real Madrid sporting this new colourway and he is certainly as excited about the new design as we are – because this Nitrocharge is really looking sharp.

As previously mentioned, there is actually not all that much reason to inspect the engine thoroughly. Because we already know the construction of this football boot. Around the instep you can see the updated Energysling, which has been rearranged in order to provide a more natural fit around the instep, to keep the foot locked on the soleplate. This specific function is the key for the Nitrocharge, which has primarily been built for the box-to-box player, such as Manuel Neuer....

Are you into the Nitrocharge? Then you are gonna love this new model – just 210 Euro.

By keeping the foot as locked in the boot as possible, adidas have the ambition to waste as little energy as possible, and hereby provide the Nitrocharge player with a little advantage, especially towards the end of a match. This is also where the Energypulse does its magic. The construction is made of nylon with a zigzag like shape to give a springy effect that minimises energy loss, which would not have been as efficient with a softer sole.

If you are among the crowd who has missed the Nitrocharge as it was presented to us in August, then you will surely be happy to learn the adidas have now gone back to those virtues again. And with this new design, we feel that it is worth the wait. What do you think of this model?