Bayern Munich third shirt 2021/22 | Bringing the mountains onto the field


Written by Lasse

A new third shirt for FC Bayern Munich has landed! This shirt is set to unite the nature around Munich with the fans and club like never before. And it also celebrates the 30 year anniversary of the adidas EQT line. Read how below!

adidas have lately launched two stunning third shirts for two English teams; Arsenal and Manchester United. Both of those shirts paid a tribute to the iconic EQT era in adidas’ history, because 2021 marks the 30 year anniversary of the EQT line being launched. It was a historic moment in adi’s way of thinking about their products. They moved into a new era with non-necessities and a bigger focus on practicality rather than fashion. But how is this a part of the new Bayern Munich third shirt? And what about the nature we mentioned above? We'll tell you now!

Bayern Munich third shirt 2021/22

Let’s start off by looking at the most eye-catching detail on this shirt. The Bayern Munich third shirt for the 2021/22-season has a cool all-over graphic, which is inspired by the mountains near Munich. These mountains are coloured in white and light blue - so it actually looks like there is snow on most of the mountain peaks. The collar and sleeve ribbons are dark blue. The rest of the details, such as the Bayern Munich logo, sponsor logo on the front and three stripes on the collarbones, are all red. The combination of the colours and the all-over graphic creates a beautiful shirt with subtle references to nature. We think it's a job well done from adidas!

But we are not done yet. The EQT anniversary will also be honoured on this third shirt, as mentioned in the beginning. You’ll find the honouring, when you look at the adidas logo on the chest. As you can see, the lettering ‘adidas’ is a different colour then the three tilted stripes - red and dark blue respectively. And that is because the iconic adidas logo with the three tilted stripes was invented as a part of the EQT line. Not a big detail, but just a subtle reference - and we think it’s nice!

adidas have truly made a stunning third shirt for ‘Die Bayern’. And it is definitely part of our list of best looking shirts for the 2021/22-season!

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