Back in October, PUMA revealed a King II. A modern update to their classic. Now, PUMA kick off December with their very own take on the subject of snow. They now present a new white King II with orange elements to provide a fresh touch. Join us into the snow...

After PUMA created their innovative evoPOWER boot, we have not seen very much player support for one of the most classic football boots out there. But the King has been immortalised long ago, and this is first and foremost because it meets a basic need, which will never be irrelevant: The classic fit and touch, which only a few boots can deliver today.

Greet the Christmas time with this snow white King II – just 166 Euro.

In modern football things need to be fast. Really fast. And for the most part this equals light weight and increased ball friction. Factors that have been reached via a range of technological initiatives, which have led to a general shift in the demand, in terms of specifications, for football boots; compared to just 20 years ago. We are simply talking about a new generation of footballers out there.

This does however not mean the death of the classic football player. Far from it. And it is because of him/her that PUMA will keep their King collection alive. Recently, PUMA decided to provide the King with a modern finish, to keep it from disappearing within the modern style of football, and it suits the King – both visually and on the more functional side.

Are you a fan of the new King II? Then order it right here – just 166 Euro.

This new model has been given a white and stylish look, complemented by Fluo Flash Orange elements and the well known PUMA wave in black. One may say that PUMA are created an illusion of snow as we are approaching Christmas time.

The King II is built on the well known ComfortLast, and the fit is further supported by a new lacing system, which PUMA have dubbed the EverFit Lacing System. It functions through the orange bands around the midfoot, which provide a snug and comfortable fit as the laces are tied. In addition, PUMA have tried minimising the weight by utilising new lightweight materials both for the inlay sole and the tongue; resulting in the boot weighing in at 255 grams.

You can already now buy the new King II right here – just 166 Euro.

The new King II looks super fresh and the white look delivers a nice and sharp contrast between the traditional and the more modern. What are your thoughts on the new King II? Take your football passion to a social level and share your comments on Facebook and Instagram.