The world of football has never been so innovation driven as it is now. For every piece of equipment there’s something new being developed to take things to a new level. When the G-Form technology was presented that’s exactly what it did. Don’t know how it works? Read along here.

It seems weird doesn’t it, because how could the answer to creating a more protective shin-guard be making them from a soft and supple foam? Well, that’s exactly what G-Form have done and I’ll tell you why.

The G-Form pads are made with the RPT technology, which stands for Rate-dependant technology. RPT is in essence a fancy name for the molecules that the G-Form foam is made from, which when you just wear the pads, repel each other and therefore keep the pads soft and flexible. However, when something impacts the foam that’s when the magic happens and the same molecules instantly bind tightly together and absorb the shock. Pretty damn nifty!

As you might imagine it’s a little tough to explain, but G-Form actually made a video a few year’s back, where they showed off the technology on some wine bottles. It’s not an exact science, but still gives a pretty good idea of how the G-Form pads work (If you can survive the slight cringeworthiness of Pelé’s cameo).

Want to try the G-Form pads in action? You can find them right here.