The world of football has seen absolutely unprecedented leaps in terms of innovation and in the last few years the football boot landscape has changed dramatically. All throughout however, not much has really happened to football shirts, but that certainly changes now following the launch of the Nike Flash Elite kits.

Last summer when Nike unveiled the new Paris Saint Germain third match shirt, anyone who got to feel it instantly recognised that something very different was going on. Nike however wanted their new innovation secret kept a little longer, but now we can fully reveal what the future of football kits holds.

The new Nike Flash Elite kits are in every single thinkable way harder, better, faster, stronger. Made with the same level of innovation as any Nike football boot, which we might add, is a very serious amount, the new football kits are a world apart from the simple football kits you see in the stands.

The aim of the Flash Elite design is to create the fastest kit ever and the way Nike have gone about this is first and foremost through the fit. Using extensive body scan data they have designed a closer sensory fit, which sits tightly to the body and gives an undeniable feeling of sharpness and pace.

If you're the type of player who wants only the best, then you can find the new Nike Flash Elite kits right here.

In addition to the all-important fit, Nike have also hunted for and found new innovative materials, which in tandem with the construction, flex and stretch far more and thus provide improved movability and speed. To throw some number at you, the new Nike Flash Elite kits provide 5 x more stretch compared to previous Nike kits; they are also 10% lighter and crucially dry 41% faster.

Football is a game of small margins and Nike continue to show their dedication to making sure their team has that extra cutting edge, which may end up being the deciding factor. It may sound a little gimmicky, but make no mistake; this truly is the future of football.

Accompanying the new Flash Elite kits Nike have also revealed a new collection of Pro Combat Hypercool baselayer, which is still the same baselayer we know and love. Just Nike giving you the option to fully mix and match with the new kits.

The new Nike Baselayer is available right here.