Adidas kicked off 2015 in fine fashion by introducing an SL version of their 11Pro. Their biggest New Year’s bomb was however introduced this Monday, when their There Will Be Haters campaign saw the light of day. Lead by a new generation of f50 adizero, adidas have really poked at all the haters. We here take a look at the collections ambassador for elegance. This is the 11Pro.

The message is clear! No matter what you do, if you do it well, there will be haters. So why not take their negative energy and turn it into positive fuel for your football engines? That is exactly what adidas have done with this new campaign. This new White/Blue/Black 11Pro is far from an exception and represents everything the 11Pro stands for.

Give your haters something to talk about. Find the new adidas 11Pro Haters Pack right here.

But what is the 11Pro really? If you asked around you would probably get quite different answers, but looking objectively at it, the 11Pro represents the elegant touch. A touch that adidas have really brought back with this new generation, which is, after a time without it, made with kangaroo leather again. Adidas have therefore made a no-nonsense football boot. Yep, haters, give it your best shot.

And along with the new leather upper adidas also introduce a new grid construction, which both gives a unique design expression, but also plays a central role in giving the boot its trademark high standard comfort. The grid-look makes up the boots skeleton and makes sure your foot is locked in and firmly placed on the sole.

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While adidas undisputedly have created a technologically upgraded version of the 11Pro with their new generation, the master of elegance has also been given a boost in terms of look and style. Particularly in the case of this colourway, we just have to tip our hats. Although this colourway hardly exudes innovation and is far from a new look, its undeniable class and breathtaking poise makes it very special indeed.

It’s impossible to get around the fact that the design is very reminiscent of the one we saw on last year’s launch around this time. A colourway that one of the 11Pro’s biggest stars Toni Kroos has been very attached to. Maybe this release is adidas’ way of saying: “Kroos, stop hating on the new 11pro and start playing in it!”

Whether the new colourway can lure Toni Kroos into the new 11Pro is something we will have to wait and see, but we won’t hate on him if he does. In fact, we won’t be slinging hate the way of anyone playing in adidas’ newest collection. Only if we get too jealous of their boots…

You can find the new 11Pro White/Blue/Black right here..


This rounds up our run through of all adidas’ new boots, based on the There Will Be Haters-campaign. You can check them all out on our brilliant new campaign-site. Which of adidas’ four silo’s is your favourite?*