Last year adidas launched a very alternative shoe for street football. The name: Ace16+ TKRZ. The purpose: To master every aspect of street football. Now it’s here in a new colourway.

Street is a branch of football, which in the last couple of years has seen an explosion in popularity and has received much more love from the brands. Last year Unisport helped find the winner of adidas’ worldwide skills competition, in connection with their “Be the Difference”-campaign, the Danish player Jakob Corneliussen. In November of the same year, adidas then released a shoe, which was built for players like Corneliussen and his street mates; Ace 16+ TKRZ.

Now adidas are ready with a new colourway update for the very different shoe. TKRZ is developed to give you full control on the ball, when you look to pull off the most advanced skills. The upper is pretty advanced and off the wall, but things get really crazy on the sole, where adidas have fitted a series of small hard studs, which helps the player perform 360 degree turns.

Find the new Ace 16+ TKRZ right here.