It’s gone a little under the radar here, but now I think it’s time to show the new adidas Originals clothes some love. It looks so good, especially if you’re a fan of one of the clubs.

In the wake of adidas and Manchester United’s new partnership, the German brand now release a slick adidas Originals collection. They are based on some of the biggest European clubs, so apart from the Man United gear you can also find lifestyle wear made in collaboration with Chelsea, AC Milan, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

adidas Originals is one of the most famous streetwear lines, which builds on a casual sport design. Now that style is combined with the aforementioned clubs. Personally I think adidas have nailed it here and hope they keep doing these, because it’s a brilliant way to show off your club pride in a cooler way.

The adidas Originals collection holds track tops, hoodies, t-shirts, training trousers and windbreakers. If you want to see more of the adidas Originals collection, then see the full selection here.