The Champions League ball will once again be rolling tonight and as if that isn’t reason enough for celebration, adidas are also ready with another episode of their Gameday+ series to kill the time before kick-off. Here they discuss the ‘There Will Be Haters campaign’, adidas Finale Berlin and speak with Cahill and Frei.

Throughout the entire season adidas have thrilled us with their Gameday+ series, where we get behind the cameras and meet some of the Champions League stars. The first round of knockout fixtures in the CL are luckily no exception and in today’s episode adidas take a look at their There Will Be Haters campaign, as well as speak to Gary Cahill from Chelsea and Frei from Basel.

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At the same time they naturally also shine a little light on their latest design update for the Champions League ball. The adidas Finale Berlin is the official match ball and will be used throughout the rest of the tournament, as well as at the Olympic stadium in Berlin.

You also get to hear how profiles like Messi, Bale, Suarez, James and Benzema handle haters on the pitch – and among other things, hear Bale explain how he keeps challenging his opponent and hopes he will stop kicking him at some point. An interesting insight into the psyche top players have? Definitely.

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