Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back - nanaaa! Joltter is back in Denmark for a little while, before jetting off some place again, and that means he stopped by for today’s episode of Christmas in Unisport! In today’s episode the lads give us their top five favourite shirts of 2015 and there are some real stunners among, so watch along.

Naming the best five football shirts of 2015 is a pretty tough ask when you think about it. Everyone has their favourite style and in some people’s cases they have certain bias that clouds their judgement… Joltter. Watch the video and let us know what your own favourite shirts of 2015 have been in the comment-section, we’d love to see if you can think of some that we missed.

Christmas in Unisport is going at full throttle and with four webTV hosts in action we are pretty much unstoppable now. We will continue to bring you epic videos all throughout Christmas so keep it locked every day!