Today we discuss football highlights on a daily basis as if they are given. Was there offside, was that a foul, should that goal have been disallowed? However, there was upon a time when the laws of football weren't that straightforward. On this day, 152 years ago, this changed.

Because on this exact day, exactly 152 years ago the FA approved a list of rules called ”Laws of the Game”. This created the foundation of the sport that we love so dearly today. They weren't the first set of rules, however. Before this, the world's first football club, Sheffield FC, had created their own rules of which they named the "Sheffield Rules".

With the approval of these new rules, came the first officiel set of rules. This date obviously holds an important one in the history of football. These 'Laws of the Game' have naturally been modified several times since tthen. The penalty kick was for example introduced the first time in 1891, while the red and yellow card became a part of the laws in 1970 at the World Cup in Mexico. Before this, the referee had simply informed they players about the warnings orally.

Oh yes, a lot have happened since the first official set of rules were approved on the 8th of December 1863, and you could argue that things have become a little more complicated since then. What do you think will the next big change in the "Laws of the Game"?