It’s quiz time! In true Christmas in Unisport style JayMike, PWG and Luca delve into the world of football- and Unisport related questions. Watch along and see how many question you get right in today’s episode of Christmas in Unisport.

There have been a lot of epic quizzes in Christmas in Unisport. I mean who could possibly forget last year’s “Ultimate Football WebTV Quiz”? Yeah, JayMike and co. know how to set up a good quiz. In fact so much so that Jay Mike gets carried away and COMPLETELY makes up the wrong answer to some of the questions.

We are already on the fourth episode and that means we have “only” got 20 more to go! Believe me, there is plenty of good stuff coming your way. There is plenty of reason to look forward to tomorrow, where the next episode is ready at 6:00 PM CET.