It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We are feeling the Christmas mood and now it looks like adidas are in a giving mood too, as they have presented a new colourway for both their X15 and their X15 Primeknit. Get a closer look at the new boots for the player who loves to cause chaos.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer the adidas X15 football boot with the Primeknit upper or the regular synthetic, because both are absolutely fully geared for causing chaos and putting the defence on the back foot. Stacked with technologies like the X-cage, X-claw stud-configuration and the Techfit Collar, players like Luis Suarez, Karim Benzema and Diego Costa have all the tools for dismantling even the most stubborn backlines.

I never shy away from telling people what I think about the boots and although I don’t think these aren’t the worst boots I’ve ever seen, it’s just not for me. I personally liked the red, black and white colourway from before much better and think the mint and pink combo is just a tad too much. I mean that’s just what I think, and I’ve already had some opposition from inside the office from people who like this much better.

If you’re hooked on the new adidas X15.1 colourway and could see yourself tearing up the pitches in the new boots, then you now face a difficult predicament. You will have to decide whether you want the Primeknit version or the regular version and that I can tell you, is no easy task. It basically breaks down like this, if you want comfort above all else, then the boot you should get is the Primeknit upper and if you want the sharpest touch possible, then get the regular upper. That’s simplifying it a little, and if you want get a more in depth view on the differences, then I recommend you read our comparison here.

The adidas X15 boots can be pre-ordered already now. Find them right here.

The adidas X15.1 are pure quality boots and that you have the freedom to choose between Primeknit and regular is a massive plus in my book. Do you agree with my assessment of the colourway, or are you really liking it?