‘Just take my money’. This might be the coolest Hypervenom since the release of the new generation this spring. The “metallic bronze” really stands out from the rest of Nike’s latest collection. This is my personal favorite – no doubt! Take a closer look with me here.

It’s no secret that the Hypervenom Phantom II is far from my favorite boot. And it really is a shame because I simply think that the first generation of the Hypervenom was the best football boot on the market – by far! I haven’t been the biggest fan of the design either, but the new “Metallic Bronze” from the Liquid Chrome Pack, might change everything for me.

Because they really do look stunning. The bronze look gives a unique touch to the design and I must admit that I for the first time see the whole idea with zig-zag design, which haven’t convinced on the previous releases. My conclusion on the newest Hypervenom Liquid Chrome Pack has to be this: Welcome back Hypervenom. We missed you.

The new Hypervenom Liquid Chrome is not available yet. But you can sign up here and get a notification when you can purchase it.

The Liquid Chrome Pack was designed to create something that looks immovable – as of made of metal - but comes to life in motion. I really must say that Nike have created something really interesting with this look. And the Hypervenom is my winner. Which one do you prefer?