A weeks ago New Balance unveiled their blackout and whiteouted colourways for the Furon and Visaro boots to rapturous applaus. While the simple designs are always cool, you sometimes need a little colour to spice up the darker winter months and that’s exactly what New Balance have done now. Get a better idea of the new boots here.

The New Balance Furon has actually not seen too much change when you think about it, because all they have actually done is liven it up with the bright orange tone, but that has changed the boots visual expression drastically! It presents a brilliant alternative for the player who thought going completely blackout was a step too far, but still wanted some style about his boots. I’m a big fan and it’s great to hear how much New Balance take their fans feedback into consideration.

The New Balance Furon boot is all about taking the chances you get. It lets you unlock your full physical potential, with a strong internal cage construction, so you can throw yourself into the sharpest turns with full faith in your boots and an aggressive stud-configuration, which really allows you to propel yourself forward.

With the Visaro control boot New Balance have on the other hand decided to not hold anything back. The new colourway has the apt name ‘lava fireball’ and I quite honestly couldn’t have described it better myself. The world’s best controlling midfielders, like Aaron Ramsey, surge forward with the ball to make chances and you can imagine him charging up the pitch like a fireball.

You can order the New Balance Visaro and Furon boots right here.

The New Balance Visaro is, despite being very new, already an incredibly popular football boot and this colourway does nothing to dampen that hype. The previous Visaro colourways have also been relatively toned down, so it’s about time we got some fire!

The weather outside is dreary to say the least, but now we have something to cheer about these next few months, as New Balance present lively colourways for the Furon and Visaro boots. Could you see yourself rocking the new boots?