Yesterday evening Nike introduced the new Tiempo Legend 6 together with Bayern Munich superstar Jerome Boateng, who is one of the boots very best players. The Tiempo Legend series is one of football history's most beloved boots and has been worn by true legends of the game. That got us thinking who the most influential Tiempo Legend players ever are, and we have therefore put together our top 5 here.

5. Andrea Pirlo

While the Tiempo collection was introduced to the world in 1994, the Legend series first saw the light of day in 2005. All throughout Andrea Pirlo has been a constant stalwart and stayed ever loyal to the elegant Nike Tiempo Legend. I know what you’re thinking: “Wow, Pirlo is only number five?” - But that just goes to show the legendary status of some of the other athletes on our Nike Tiempo Legend list.

4. Francesco Totti

See what I mean? In at number four is the Roma and Italy legend, Francesco Totti. He is as big a legend as any other player on our list, but I can’t rank him higher than fourth, because despite being a Tiempo Legend player for many years now, he still jumped on the Nike train a little late and wore Diadora boots for much of his career.

3. Emile Heskey

Alright, we are having a bit of a laugh here, but when you think about it, very few players have had as big a social media and pop culture influence as Emile Heskey. Probably not on par with any of the other players on the list though, unless you ask Fabio Capello, who for inexplicable reasons insisted he should play on the England team.

2. Carles Puyol

From legend to legend to Emile Heskey to another legend. Carles Puyol has been a Tiempo player for as long as anyone could possibly remember. A legendary player in every possible sense of the word and definitely one of the first players we thought of in connection with our list.

1. Ronaldinho

Who else? When anyone says Tiempo, I instantly think of the countless Tiempo Legend boots Ronaldinho made famous, with especially the legendary ‘Touch of Gold’ boots standing out. Now the real smart ass boot spotters will probably be quick to point out that he also played in his own Dois boots, which technically weren’t Tiempo boots, but we’ll count those in all the same. An iconic Tiempo Legend player and I refuse to believe anyone would seriously choose anyone else over him.

These were our favourite Tiempo Legend players through the years. It’s important to keep in mind that these players are only Tiempo Legend players and we have chosen not to include players from before 2005, because that blows the whole thing wide open - you would think Maldini would be in with a shout at least. Do you agree with our choices, or is there someone you would replace with someone else?