The futsal season is here, as the weather is getting colder. Well, at least in our part of the world. Therefore, we at Unisport have decided to feature some of the futsal options for the 2015/16 season. You will find something for everyone and for different style and taste preferences, and if you feel that we are missing some top boots in our top 5, please let us know.

1. JOMA Skin Regate

The Joma Skin Regate is the latest futsal model from Joma and is the most flexible futsal shoe ever. With an upper made of synthetic threads and the flexible SALA 2014 sole, the result is a shoe that weighs a mere 235 grams. On the forefoot of the shoe has been strengthened in order to increase the durability of the shoe. Considering the fast pace of futsal, and the frequent rapid moves and strikes, the nose of this shoe also has the advantage of providing more power to your strikes as you send the ball towards the goal using your forefoot. The shock absorbing phylon material protects your ankles, knees and back from the harder indoor surfaces.

If the Joma Skin Regate may be your next indoor shoe, then you can find it right here.

2. Umbro 4 Pro IC

Umbro is the preferred brand in Brazil when it comes to futsal shoes, and there is a good chance that you will see the futsal king Falcao wearing a show from Umbro at the 2016 futsal world cup. The Umbro 4 Pro IC weighs in at an incredible 213 grams, and comes with an upper made of a breathable mesh material that allows your feet to breathe. The upper is covered with the Umbro ”Hot Melt Control Zones”, which deliver increased friction and hereby a better ball grip and superior ball control. The shoe comes with a low profile outsole with a compression shaped EVA midsole, hereby delivering great comfort and fit. A great pick for the dribble king who drives the opponents nuts on the futsal court.

Are you looking to match the Brazilians on footwear, then you will find the Umbro 4 Pro IC here.

3. adidas SPEZIAL

The all-round shoe, adidas special was originally designed for handball players back in 1979, but has over the years become one of the most widely used futsal shoes in Northern Europe. Even if some of the professional futsal players may be a little skeptical in connection with the ”blue suede shoes”, there is no denying that it is the best selling indoor shoes from adidas throughout time. The adidas special delivers great comfort and touch on the ball, with a suede upper that adapts to your foot. The thin upper allows your feet to breathe and not get too warm during the fast paced play on the futsal court. The sole may be the most remarkable on this shoe. It provides excellent grip to the surface as well as the ball. The shoe comes with a solid heel counter that ensures extra protection for your heel and knees, as well as providing a good lockdown effect to keep you stable on the court. Weighing in at 340 grams, it is not among the lightest of futsal shoes, and is therefore ideal for the sable and physically strong futsal player.

If you like to stick to the classics this winter, then you can find the adidas Spezial here.

4. JOMA Free 1.0

The Joma Free 1.0 is designed for the fast and technically gifted futsal player, with frequent change of pace and direction. Similar to the 'Skin Regate', the Joma Free 1.0 is equipped with the flexible SALA 2014 sole, as well as the light Phylon material that ensures a light and supple shoe. The shoe comes with a gel dampening system in the heel, which protects your heel, knee and joints. Joma have incorporated their Sportech technology into the upper; a micro texture that provides added ball contact, as well as improved ball control. The light sole and upper results in a light boot, weighing in at just 237 grams. This shoe is ideal for the slightly heavier and physically strong control player, who displays frequent change of pace and direction, due to the advanced gel dampening system in the heel, coupled with the micro texture.

You can get your hands on the Joma Free 1.0 right here.

5. PUMA Invicto

The PUMA Invicto Sala is originally designed with inspiration from sprinter Usain Bolt. This shoe delivers optimal flexibility and speed. The upper is made of a combination of suede and soft leather, which results in a great feel and soft touch on the ball. Moreover, the top quality material ensures good durability. The shoe is perforated around the forefoot to allow your feet to get rid of the heat. In order to improve durability the shoe have been strengthened around the big toe, which is a highly exposed area on a futsal boot. This shoe is also preferred by many goalkeepers, due to the durability and reinforced toe area, as well as the speed on the court.

Check out the PUMA Invicto right here.

This was our walk through of five of the most popular futsal boot, great options for when you are taking to the indoor courts to do some damage. We hope that this information on the shoes can help you in picking the correct match for you and your play. Let us know which indoor shoe is your personal favourite, and why. Take your football passion to a social level, and join us on Instagram and Facebook.