Bam! Pow! Yep, that’s probably the best way to describe the new Pop Art evoPOWER boot from PUMA, because holy moly, they went seriously all in on this one. Check out the incredibly explosive and colourful design, which will certainly divide opinion.

I think everyone's initial reaction is pretty much the same.. “What the heck is going on here?” It’s such a bold move from PUMA, but one that I honestly think works. They are totally off the wall, but the design, which draws inspiration from comic book strips, feels so cool.

The very eye-catching Bam and Pow pop art graphics on the boot are also great representations of the PUMA evoPOWER boots hard hitting nature. The boot is built for the games most powerful and accurate players in mind and the lively and very unique design is a good expression of this.

The radical boots can already be pre-ordered now - find them right here.

One of the Superstars in the boot is, like myself, a fan of the radical new look too. Cesc Fabregas had the following to say: “This time PUMA have really surprised me with the new boots they gave to me and I love the result. The graphics are so cool, and it actually feels like a little piece of art that I can wear on my feet. I look forward to wearing these boots when I play with the Spanish national team against England and Belgium, hopefully some players will be distracted when they see my unusual footwear.”

If I saw anyone wearing the new boots, then I’d definitely give them a second look, so there might even been some functionality to the new design, like Fabregas said. If nothing else, then it looks awesome if you ask me. What do you think - Too radical, or insanely cool?