Since November last year, Leo Messi has been enjoying his signature boots that celebrate his time back in Rosario, where the story of Messi started. Now adidas are writing chapter two of the story of Messi, with his first signature boot of 2015. It is the story of a kid from the Rosario neighbourhood.

Messi has come far since the days in the Rosario hood, as kid playing about with a football. But no matter how far you come, you should never forget where you are coming from, and adidas are definitely helping Messi in this regard.

This new f50 adizero Messi Pibe de Barr10 digs into the roots of Messi’s childhood through a personal design. The inspiration comes from Messi’s childhood neighbourhood, and is designed by graphics artist Ignacio Valenti, who also grew up in the Rosario neighbourhood. The style is like the street picture and at the same time visualises Messi's style of play: beautiful, but dangerous.

Messi himself says the following about his new football boots: I left Rosario when I was young, but I still have my friends, my neighbourhood and my favourite spots. Pibe de Barr10 is very close to my life, my childhood and me as a person.

These Messi boots are a mix of the 2014 model, and the latest generation that was presented in January. The sole comes from latest generation, including the innovative stud configuration; while the design itself and the upper are inspired by the 2014 model. The Hybridtouch upper hereby includes the shiny finish, as we know it from the previous model.


2014 provided a rather large collection of Messi signature boots and now adidas are at it again this year, with another personal design for Messi. The boot is already up for pre-order today, so feel free to get busy.