The new Tiempo Legend V Premium is hard not to fall head over heels in love with, once you get your hands on it. And JayMike is also one of the many who absolutely adores the new boot and even had the pleasure of reviewing the boot that is made to exactly the specifications of Totti. Check out the video here.

Last year was the 20th anniversary of Nike’s Tiempo Legend and Nike paid tribute to this with the Tiempo Legend XX, which came in extremely limited numbers. The model was designed with the amazing Alegria leather and our adulation for the boot was hardly hidden. Now Nike are at it again.

This time however Nike haven’t just settled for using their exclusive Alegria leather on the upper. Now they have also incorporated the classic boot tongue on the new Tiempo – and element that Totti has always loved and specially requested. This is the reason for the legendary Roman gladiator’s boots having the tongue, which can be found on just 3000 pairs of boots worldwide.


JayMike was struggling to contain his love for this boot in his review and it is quite obvious just how great he thinks it is. Watch the entire episode in the video above.