It’s been a long and grueling, but still absolutely amazing journey for Joltter and Salah (the cameraman who helped film and edit the episodes). Now the World Tour has reached its final destination and we are ready to cap off the adventure with one of the most spectacular locations on the trip. Here is the epic experience playing football with the locals of Ko Panyi, Thailand.

Ko Panyi is a fairly small, floating fishing village, which is located in probably one of the most beautiful places you will ever see. Despite their villages small size their football team is legendary and the reason we simply had to go there for our World Tour.

The entire village is set on stilts in the water, so as you might imagine there are no grass pitches and playing football becomes fairly.. erh.. impractical. That was however never going to stop the people of Ko Panyi from playing football and they have overcome the challenges and built various ways around that.

Watch the video as Joltter gets a glimpse into the simple and pure love for football you find in Ko Panyi, where he also chats to a few of the players from Ko Panyi FC and plays on the floating football pitch.

The World Tour visit to Ko Panyi was a very unique football experience that you could never hope to get anywhere else in the world. Joltter was full of admiration for their love of football and if you watch the episode I’m sure you will share his feelings too. This was definitely my favourite World Tour episode, which was yours?