Nike only have one gear and that’s go! With their newest incarnation of the Magista Collection they continue its unique visual expression, this time in very intense nuances of orange. Check out the Magista Obra and Opus right here.

It hasn’t been all ups for the Magista Obra, since it was launched this time last year. The highlight was without doubt the World Cup final, where Mario Götze scored the winning goal in the new collection. Since then players like Christian Eriksen, Arda Turan and lately Andres Iniesta have changed to the Magista Opus.

Find the newest boots in the Magista-collection right here.

What the reasons behind the changes are is hard to say, but I myself find it hard to understand, as my feet feel like they are in heaven in a pair of Magista Obra. This however just serves to underline how important personal preference is, when it comes to picking football boots.

On the design front it’s the same story as always with Nike. At first sight you exclaim: “What are these Nike designers thinking?”, until they start growing on you and eventually spellbind you. The orange colours on the Magista Obra have done just this to us. And I can’t wait to see them on the feet of some of the world’s biggest players and myself.

Are you spellbound by the new Magista Obra and Opus too? Find them right here.

Nike’s newest Intense Heat Pack drives the temperature above melting point, with the season heading into its most crucial phase. The colours give their very own expression, as usual. What do you think about the new summer designs?