At the beginning of March adidas introduced their modern classic, adidas Gloro – and Jakob couldn’t resist the urge of trying them on and taking them for a spin in the review-mobile.

With the launch of the adidas Gloro the German brand made a lot of people happy on social media, who had been campaigning with the slogan #Bringbacktongue. People wanted the infamous boot tongue to return to the Predator. Now we find it on the adidas Gloro instead, and Jakob (who loves old Predators) was therefore dying to try on the new boot.

And the Gloro does also get plenty of positive words on its way, with the super soft kangaroo leather upper and comfortable sole – and why does Jakob compares it to a super soft slipper? Find out by watching the episode above.

Order your own pair of Gloro right here – just 100 euro.

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