Early this week New Balance announced the release of their infamous blackouted and whiteouted boots, which were made famous by their squad of players who would come to be known as the #NBBlackoutSquad. Here we remind you just why so many wanted to get their hands on these boots.

When all the Warrior Sports athletes started switching out their boots with mysterious blackout and whiteout boots most people had a hunch what was going on. The New Balance football brand had been born and their first boots were being put through their paces.

That’s when the requests started flooding in - what are these boots and where can I get them? Back then the answer was that these were prototypes reserved for the superstars, but now that has changed. If you want to join Aaron Ramsey, Kompany, Nasri and Negredo on the #NBBlackoutSquad now is your one and only chance.

New Balance haven’t held back either - they have launched both the black and white version for both their boots, so it doesn’t matter which of the players you want to look like all options are open. What do you think about the classy new boots? And were you one of the many who wanted a pair?