There is no stopping Lewandowski lately. He has been knocking in goals for fun and that calls for celebration. In tribute of the Polish superstars recent goalscoring Nike have hooked him up with his own design for the Hypervenom Phantom II.

Unfortunately we have to kick things off by letting you all down. The new boot will not be made available for purchase and the unique design is one we will only see on the feet of Robert Lewandowski himself as he looks to add to his recent goal spree. Just in before you all get too hyped about getting them.

They will however be stunning to behold and the cool-factor of the boots is only amplified by the personal feeling and importance they have. The design is made with great inspiration from Robert Lewandowski’s Polish heritage, to which the eagle is central.

While the design is based on an eagle's wings, there are still lots of other elements that even further add to the story and show the importance of the design to the lethal Bayern striker. On the side you see the text “Semper Invicta”, which means “Always invincible”. A great way to describe his footballing philosophy and his never say die attitude.

Lewandowski himself said he felt inspired by the personal boots, which spells danger for anyone who will be playing against Bayern and Poland in the next few games. An even more fired up version of him is a scary thought indeed.