The trials for the Nike Most Wanted project have kicked off again. Joining the Nike Academy is a dream that for some of these talented players will become reality. We sent Joltter to Stockholm recently, so he could follow the beginning of a long journey - a journey that the chosen few hope will end up with a professional contract.

For the last few weeks the Nike trials have been taking place across Europe and some of the trialists have already been found. These young and unsigned players will have to fight tooth and nail to prove that they deserve their chance at professional football.

The quality of the Nike Academy rivals that of any professional team in the world, so when the final players have been found, the rough diamonds will receive some of the best training from some of the world’s best coaches. The trials will continue at the Nike training facilities in Amsterdam and when the final group has been found they will attend training at St. George’s Park, which is generally accepted as the best training ground in the world.

For us here in Scandinavia the trials are over and our chosen representatives will soon go to Amsterdam for the next leg of their journey. We will continue to follow the progress of the Nike Most Wanted players. How much are you willing to fight for your chance as a professional player?