Puma are getting ready for the long awaited Manchester derby by having two of their biggest stars go head to head before the main event on the weekend. United against City - Falcao against Agüero.

On the weekend it is that time again in Manchester, as the two giants clash in a match that can very well mean an important step towards the highly sought after third spot in the Premier League. Before the decisive match, PUMA put their two strikers head to head, as Falcao and Agüero met in a square, with the goal of, well… scoring a lot of goals.

And they delivered - including some delicious skills. And even PWG joined in on the fun. Hold up, did Unisport’s awesome freestyle host play with Agüero? Oh yes, you may recognise him on the hair - then there should be no doubt. If you are able to teach Falcao and Agüero some tricks, it should also be possible to teach JayMike a few tricks in our Freestyle Tutorials, right?

Agüero, who has no less than six goals against United to his name said: “ If you score against United at Old Trafford it almost give you shivers, because you can feel the tense atmosphere with most of the stadium being really quiet, but the away end going crazy,it sometimes gives me goose bumps when they sing sing my name!”

Falcao, who will get his derby debut if he makes the pitch, said leading up to the match “In Manchester, the derby means a lot. Unfortunately I didn’t play in the derby earlier this season, but you could sense the atmosphere in the city more for a week before the match itself, it was all people were talking about. It really means a lot to our fans and theirs, so of course I’d be thrilled to play in this match on Sunday. The atmosphere will be phenomenal.”

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Who will be victorious only time will tell - but let’s all hope that both Falcao and Agüero will show as much skill on Sunday as they do in the video above? Who do you think will be the winner? Take your football passion to a social level and share your comment on Instagram and Facebook.