It’s time to get down to business. Joltter is ready to take over the world with a pair of fresh Unisport trunks and a pack of #unisportlife stickers. It’s time to embrace football in every corner of the world - literally…

If you’re already following us on snapchat, you may have picked up the first lead already in connection with Joltter’s first stop. It will be the start of an epic journey where Joltter will be your guide, and the world your destination. No not to worry though; even if Joltter is travelling the world, we will still be keeping busy at home. JayMike and PWG will keep things afloat.

You will be able to follow Joltters journey right here on the site, as well as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and also on Snapchat; where Joltter will display the world as he sees it. So if you are not already following our channels and accounts and you don’t wanna miss out - now is the time to go and make sure to follow us.

We are extremely excited to see how the #unisportlife is lived around the world. Joltter will visit Madeira, Rosario, Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii, L. A., New York, Miami, Tokyo, Thailand and Venice. This is gonna be big! make sure to follow us via Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat #unisportlife