The review machine that is Jakob is at it again, with his views on the new New Balance Visaro Pro boot, which he has been putting through the paces these last few weeks. With our reviews you always get our honest and unabridged view of the new boots, so join us and find out what we think about the new innovation from New Balance.

Now Jakob kicks off the review by saying exactly what he, and basically everyone else, thought the first time they saw the boot. “That’s just a slightly modified first generation Hypervenom.” Well yeah, they do have a striking resemblance, but after his intense testing Jakob quickly came to realise that is not the case.

If you’re tempted to try the new Visaro, then you can get a hold of it here - just 128 euro.

There have been a lot of new launches this summer, with plenty of revolutionising boots. Out of all of those Jakob names the new Visaro Pro as his absolute favourite. He always had a hunch that this might be a boot he would enjoy and well, he was definitely right.

Jakob is a man who knows his boots and his affection for the boot speaks volumes to the quality of the New Balance Visaro Pro. I’ve never tried the Visaro, but Jakob is not the only person I’ve heard from, who absolutely loves it, so they are probably worth a look. What are your initial thoughts on the Visaro?