Okay, okay then! I’ll be the first to admit that when pictures started emerging from the Barcelona training session two days ago, where Neymar Jr. had showed up in a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor, I didn’t believe the hype. He has done it before, just taken a pair for a spin for old time’s sake. However when he then popped up in the Celta Vigo yesterday evening, wearing a pair of Vapor again, well then I guess it means I have to start wondering…

Neymar is undoubtedly the number one Nike Hypervenom player. I mean sure, Nike have an incredibly talented roster, and particularly the Hypervenom has some of the most impressive players, but the Brazilian superstar is still easily the top dog.

Before Neymar moved to the Hypervenom, when it was unveiled two years ago, he played in the Mercurial Vapor boot, so that’s why at first I thought he might just be checking out the boots in a training session, but as it stands now we can’t rule out that a switch is imminent.

I doubt Nike are very big fans of it, seeing as though he is the boots biggest ambassador, but then again, they have plenty of other superstars ready to pick up the mantle, if he decides to move to Mercurial. I mean there can’t be anything wrong with the Hypervenom Phantom II, - I mean Lewandowski scored five goals in nine minutes in them for goodness sake.

Something that fueled the fire even more, is that it wasn’t just the Electro Flare pack boots he was using, he had even reverted to the Lightning Storm model, which means he must have had at least a couple of training sessions. My eyes will in any case be fixed on his feet, when Barcelona take to the pitch next time. What is your prediction - are his Hypervenom gone, or will he be back in them next game?