where we unleash the full knowledge of one of our resident boot experts. This time round Jakob takes a closer look at the unique and revolutionary FG/AG stud-configuration that adidas have fitted on their X15 and Ace15 boots…

Having a pair of boots that can be used for both playing on regular grass and artificial grass is such a welcomed addition, which although it is an absolutely massive change hasn’t gotten as much attention as it deserves if you ask me.

Here at Unisport we live and play in Scandinavia, where we already have tons and tons of high quality artificial grass pitches, which are used at all levels throughout our lives, because of the weather. Mark my words however, with the increase of the quality of the artificial grass pitches in other parts of the world, the new stud-configuration will soon come in handy in your neck of the woods.

We can’t stress enough how bad an idea it is to use your FG boots on artificial grass, so the new stud-configuration is definitely a gamechanger. Find out just how adidas’ new stud-system is here to change your life by watching our newest Unisport Tech Talk with JayMike.

The new adidas X15 and Ace15 boots can be found right here, so you can prepare for the winter and the artificial grass season.

For now only adidas can accommodate the need for boots that work on both artificial grass and regular grass, but as Jakob explains the technology is very impressive and we may see others follow suit. Watch the video above and let us know what you think about the new stud-configuration.