We get quite a lot of questions every day from you guys, who are looking for guidance in connection to football boots. We are always happy to help and make sure you get the perfect boot for you. One of the questions we get asked the most, is in regards to one of the biggest boot launches this summer, the Hypervenom II.

Now to give you a complete and full overview of the two main boots in the silo, Jakob has sat down to make a WebTV episode dedicated to showing the differences between the Hypervenom Phantom II and the Hypervenom Phinish.

At first glance there really only appears to be one major difference between the two, but the Nike Hypervenom Phinish has far more to it. So if you were sitting out there thinking the Phinish is no more than a Phantom, but with the Dynamic Fit Collar chopped off, then you’re wrong. I mean come on, why else would we make this episode?

It doesn't matter if you want the Phinish, or the Phantom, because you can find your pair of Hypervenom right here

As he always does in his Tech Talk videos Jay Mike drops some serious knowledge bombs on us, sharing his experiences with the Phinish and Phantom. If you are stuck between the two boots, then watch the video above and get to know them a little better.