Do you want to take control? Or do you cause chaos? If you have identified what style of play you have, then you also know what boot suits your needs. Adidas’ biggest stars have also made their choice - introducing Team Ace vs Team X:

Adidas football boast an impressive lineup of players, who could terrorise any defense, no matter if they use their immense control to unhinge the backline, or instead explosive chaos. Now you can represent your favourite adidas superstar and boot with these pretty sweet t-shirts.

You can get your hands on the t-shirts right here - just 24 euro.

It would definitely be exciting to see what happened if you locked Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema in a small 2v2 pitch and pitted them against Mesut Özil and Oscar. I can’t quite work out who my money is on there. Who do you think - Team X, or Team Ace?

We will probably never get the answer to that unfortunately, so instead you will have to show what team you think is best by sporting your favourite shirt. I’m definitely tempted to grab a Gareth Bale version. Has any of the shirts tickled your fancy?