Nike Football invited us to join them in Mexico City where they hosted a FootballX event - and as the Unisport World Tour had already taken us to Mexico and we were pretty much right around the corner, there was really no doubt about what to do: pack our camera bags and get ready for a magical street football experience in the heart of Mexico City!

Entering the venue was a small adventure in itself as that specific area in Mexico City is known to be a very dangerous one. According to our local Nike contacts, the goal was to give us the most authentic experience - and so they took us to the hood. The actual event was all about 5-a-side street games between local Mexican street crews and the crowd was full of passionate people who celebrated every skill move, panna or goal with pure emotion.

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After the tournament between the local youngsters was over it was time for us to get geared up and enter the arena. The local influencers and media people were divided into 6 teams and the rules were simple: Winner Stays. It was already nighttime in Mexico City and the floodlit street court was an amazing spot for some fun with the FootballX shoes - and every single person at the venue seemed to have an awesome time throughout the whole experience.


Mexico City and the Nike FootballX event didn't let us down and showed us the passion the local people have for football and small-sided football. Our full video coverage of the event will be out soon - but until then, enjoy some of the imagery from the day when it truly went down in Mexico City!