At Nike they love nature. Actually they love nature so much they are very often inspired by it, so much so that they have chosen to incorporate it in many of their products. This is the newest range of Nike FC gear. Explore it here.

In February Nike unveiled a marble inspired range of their extremely popular Nike F.C. collection. With summer is edging closer and closer it’s naturally only right they indulge us once more with a new set of cool t-shirts, wicked gear and fly kicks. Things were fairly low key and minimalistic when Nike first unveiled the collection, but as time has gone, things have gotten more and more daring.

The newest summer collection is a clear result of this development and features animal print, stars and flashy colours on the newest t-shirts, snap backs and track tops. PWG joined us as we shot some pictures of the new collection and was very pleased with the new outfit:

“This new collection simply blows me away. The inspiration from the animal kingdom really speaks for itself and the fit is as always flawless. This collection proves that you can still rock that football look outside the pitch and look stylish while doing it – just what I like!”

At the Unisport offices people are generally also pretty pumped for the new Nike FC clothes too, with the earlier t-shirts and Nike FC gear already dominating the landscape. Patrick from customer service explains: “I think the Nike FC collection perfectly blends football and fashion together and I naturally wear it myself. The colours aren’t too wacky and I think the design really displays fashion and style.”

The season is changing and that means a new Nike FC collection, you can find a massive selection of the new clothes here on the site. So whether you like animal print, coloured stars, or the discrete designs, Nike FC have you covered.