St Pauli is a very special football club. The clubs cult following means that despite faltering footballing performance throughout the team's history, they still have some of the world’s most passionate and famous fans. These fans will now be fully kitted out for the new season, as Hummel present the club's full selection.

Hummel have three St. Pauli shirts ready for the new 2015/16 season, which all have very different designs, but stay true to the youthful and fresh atmosphere that surrounds the club. Particularly the away and third shirt have that energetic exuberance in my opinion and the designs used on them do reflect the club's philosophy brilliantly.

The home-shirt I’m a little more unsure of, because let’s all be honest, brown is a very tough colour to pull off. I suppose Hummel have done admirably, when considering the colours at their disposal. It’s the home-shirt, so even though, as a neutral, I’m not a fan, it’s still true to St. Pauli and its passionate fans.

You can find all three of the new kits right here - 70 euro.

Hummel are definitely a brand that aren’t scared to test the waters, which they definitely proved with their Depotivo Guadalajara kit, that was made to support the fight against homophobia. Hummel continue that on the St. Pauli 2015/16 away-shirt, albeit in a more subtle way, with the sleeves featuring the well-known flag. A great gesture for a great cause.

There’s plenty of variation in the new St. Pauli Hummel kits, with something for everyone and the club's famous supporters I’m sure will be out in force in the new shirts. I’m not over the moon about them, but you certainly can’t slate them either. What do you make of the kits?