This Monday adidas radically overhauled their football boot scene, announcing the demise of the adizero, Predator, 11Pro and Nitrocharge, as well as the introduction of the brand new ACE and X. Yesterday we went through what’s new about the Ace and today we give you a closer look at the X’s features, so you know everything there is to know about the revolution.

Straight off the bat, let us just say, this truly is a revolution. It’s nothing like anything we have ever seen before and jam-packed with groundbreaking technology. The X 15.1 is built for the player who dares break the mould, who causes chaos in the opposition's backline and can give the team that creative spark, which in the end decides the game.

This player can’t be contained and can’t be controlled. Imagine when you saw Gareth Bale knock the ball past Marc Batra and completely outpace the stranded Barcelona defender. At first you must have thought he was crazy, but by doing the unexpected and being ahead of the game, (as well as being redonkulously fast) he pulled it off. Now imagine what he will be able to do with a boot geared for the modern game.

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The X15’s upper is made up of a 3-layer composite, which all work in tandem to give you a touch and comfort like nothing seen before. The first layer is a super soft inner lining, which does exactly what you would expect, offers sensational comfort for the foot. The second layer is a very stretchy synthetic, which through its supreme suppleness and flexibility makes for a great touch on the ball and really allows you to utilise your agility.

The third and final element on the upper is a special coating that waterproofs the boot, so even though adidas have made a sharp and thin upper, no water will weigh you down. Should the rain start to pour down, adidas have also added the Non-Stop Grip technology to the boot. The NSG is a series of 3D dots on the upper that make sure you get increased grip in the rain.

By itself the upper is very flexible and actually too soft. To make sure you are locked in and can fully utilise your full range of agility, to take on defenders with quick, nimble movement, adidas have equipped the X15 with the X-Cage. The X-Cage is the lava lamp-like texture you see on the side of the upper and is an impressive piece of innovation, because it makes sure you get the stability you need, without hindering your movements or touch on the ball.

To cause chaos in the oppositions defence and really unlock your full range of attacking prowess, you need to feel naturally in tune with your boot. To give you a compressed and seamless fit in the boot adidas have created the TechFit Collar, which is a sweat and moisture wicking collar that sits around the ankle, so the player can focus solely on taking defenders on.

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The adidas X15 is all about being ahead of the game and if you look at the boots soleplate, it certainly is. Although the boots last is built on the same as the f50, the stud-configuration and soleplate is groundbreaking in many different ways. The X-CLAW sole construction makes sure more studs penetrate the ground and thus gives you improved traction, as well as ball control when you use the bottom of your foot. Another extremely useful aspect of the X-CLAW studs-configuration is that it can be used on both artificial grass and regular grass, without the boots breaking as a result, which is a very welcomed innovation.

adiads have really outdone themselves in terms of innovation on the X15, which is a product of much hard work and tireless work to improve and create a revolution in football. Do you care about style and causing chaos? - Then the X15 is perfect for you.