Last week Nike introduced the brand new Hypervenom II, which was made in a calm grey tone, but with very eye-catching and flashy accent colours. It turns out the new Hypervenom, built for the deadly agile striker, was part of something much bigger and we can therefore today introduce the new Silver Storm Pack.

The brand new Silver Storm Pack is, with its mostly toned-down upper, built to deceive you. You are lulled into the believing that the boots are boring and calm, however when they reveal those vivid and intense accent colours you see them for that truly are; monsters made to dominate.

The storm is brewing and ready to take over pitches around the world and one boot you can be sure will blow the opposition out of the way is the Superfly. Built for explosive speed and with all the technologies you need to fly past defenders with gale-force wind speeds.

If you instead are the type of player who wants leave the opposition dizzy, with your unstoppable playmaking and a sensational touch, then you might want to check out the Magista Obra instead. They are built for brilliance and ready to leave your opposition feeling like they are stuck in a tempest, hopelessly chasing your incisive passes.

Sure to cause a storm is also the Tiempo Legend V, which is the boot of choice for some of the best players in the world. Get ready to see Andrea Pirlo expertly delivering elegant passes over unimaginable distances and Christian Benteke powering shots past goalkeepers, who barely got a chance to move.


Last is the newly released Hypervenom II, which through deadly agility and its deceptive nature will leave defenders wrecked behind it. The new boot is nothing short of a technological marvel and you could definitely imagine it having a major impact, as Neymar wears it into battle in the Champions League final next weekend.

The Silver Storm Pack is ready to charge forward to victory and leave an everlasting statement on the pitch. This colourway may not look it at first glance, but is made to be remembered forever. What do you think about the four new colourways, which is your favourite? Tell us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.