Adidas revolutionised their football line-up with the introduction of the X15, Ace15 and Messi15. Throughout this week we have pitted the f50 and Messi 10.1 up against their most logical replacements and now it’s the ACE15’s turn. The Silo is built for control. And when you say control, well then you automatically say Predator too…

Since 1994 adidas have been shattering boundaries with the Predator. They created an iconic ambassador for control in football, but now it’s over. Control no longer equals Predator – now it equals Ace!

A new and wider last, a newly constructed 3-layer upper and a brand new stud-configuration. That is basically what the Ace15 brings to the table, when compared to the Predator Instinct. One of the areas that made the Predator so special was the control elements on the upper and those have also been applied to the Ace. Now it just comes in the form of the Control Web, which is also covered with a special 3D texture that creates friction to control the ball.

Control the run of play with Control and the Ace15 – just 200 euro.

In the old days it was called Hybridtouch, but on the Ace15 it is named Totalskin. It is a very special 3-layer composition of thin synthetic, to give you closer contact with the ball, which is something any playmaker will greatly appreciate.

On the Predator Instinct adidas had developed a new sole, which they called Control Frame. They have however completely gone away from that and created a brand new revolutionising FG/AG stud-configuration called TotalControl. It has a whopping 46 studs -10 conical big studs and 36 smaller studs. The purpose of this is the same as the old Control Frame, to make sure you have complete 360 degree control of the ball.

The Predator is signing off after an impressive 21 years. Ace15 is however ready to take over and keep the control legacy alive. It’s a pretty drastic change, but we believe in it. What do you say?