The Bayern Munich away shirt from last season was surely among the more popular shirts here at the Unisport Headquarters. And adidas definitely had a job to do in terms of maintaining the level. I must say, job well done adidas, the away shirt for the 2015/16 season is definitely looking good in my opinion. Come along and have a look for yourself.

Over the last years, Bayern Munich has crushed all opponent in their league. On the other hand, the club has not had the success in the Champions League as the would have wanted, since their victory in 2013. That is a trophy that they will have their eyes fully focused on for this season, and now adidas have also dressed them for the occasion.

The new away shirt comes with a more traditional design when compared to last year. Still showing the dominating white, but the horizontal stripes have changed and are now showing some classic red, black and gray colours – all colours that have we have previously seen on the club's away shirts. The design is stylish and elegant and definitely lives up to the high standards of Bayern Munich.

Müller, Alonso and all of the other adidas boys from Bayern Munich are ready to rock the new season. The new away shirt matches the expectations. Do you prefer the home shirt or the away shirt? Take your football passion to a social level and share your comment on Facebook or Instagram.