We have known for a while that New Balance were planning to present a range of new football boots. We have seen prototypes on the feet of Ramsey, Nasri and Fellaini. Now we can finally unveil the new football boot from New Balance. This is the one half – it’s called the Visaro and is made for the player who controls the games with superior vision.

In this instalment we have taken a look at the half of New Balance’s new boots, which goes by the name Visaro Pro – built for the playmaker, who creates chances. We will be seeing players like Ramsey, Nasri, Fellaini, Fernando and Kompany in this football boot. The concept is mainly based on two things: A specially developed upper and sole.

The upper is made from Ariaprene, which is a special synthetic rubber, which has previously been used on shoes, electronics and extreme sports equipment. This ensures a very flexible upper that will move together with the foots shape. Adding to this is a specially shaped texture that is a little reminiscent of a combination between the Hypervenom and Predator, which creates a unique friction with the ball. Obviously a key trait for the playmaker.

The sole is developed to give great flexibility, so the player can move freely in as little space as possible. In addition New Balance have designed their stud-configuration with a special zone around the front footpad, which adds to the manoeuvrability. We can’t wait to get out and test it and try it on, so we can really see what the Visaro has to offer.

Visaro. Remember the name. New Balance mean business, when they say they have come to take over. With an impressive line-up of players and immense amounts of work put into the boots that seems entirely likely. What do you think about it?