Last year Nike and AS Monaco initiated a new cooperation that resulted in the classic diagonal red/white design. This year, the very simplistic design has been updated with some golden details to show off the ambitions of the club.

A new design will always get people talking. Is it dull, too daring, spot on or maybe just plain ugly. Different opinions will surface that's the name of the game. My opinion? I quite like the update. I think the gold detailing adds some style to the shirt, and I believe Nike have done a sterling job.

The golden detailing; the lines going down the sides and the Nike and AS Monaco logos provide a cool twist to the design. The V-neck and white shoulder provide a more minimalistic and clean sporty look in my opinion.

I really like the streamlined design and slightly daring golden detailing on this new shirt. Ans I think Nike have managed to improve the shirt for the new season. What are your thoughts on the the AS Monaco home shirt by Nike?*