The feedback on the first adidas X15.1 design has been mixed. The launch colourway combination was either one you loved or one you disliked it, but adidas are now ready to strike back. With a reflective black/grey/neon combination things kick up more than a few notches. A black design is one we refuse to believe anyone could ever hate, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring, as the reflective look adds that element of chaos we associate with the boot.

On the result front the adidas X couldn’t have gotten a better debut, with a goal in the Champions League final, through Luis Suarez. Several of the female stars at the World Cup and U21 players competing in the European Championship have been using the boots with devastating effect too.

We are suckers for a blackout design and like we said, the reflective look just makes the boot even more awesome. When sharp light hits the boot the reflective elements light up and even the thought of it makes my knees weak. That being said, the design is not entirely blackouted as adidas have chosen to keep some of the neon dots on the upper and added a calm grey tone.

There probably won’t be much on field professional player support and that truly is a shame, because these stunners would look insane under the floodlight. A couple of us here at Unisport are already ready to order a pair when they land.

My Finnish colleague Niilo has had his say on the boot: “So in my opinion the first colourway was a little bit too brave and neon is not a colour everyone likes. It's great that adidas have released a more traditional colour and this color-changing upper is really cool”

In other words there is great enthusiasm for the new boot here at Unisport and when you then keep in mind that the awesome design is attached to a stud-configuration that is compatible on both artificial grass and regular grass. What do you think about the new design – better than the launch colourway?