adidas X

The Revolution is here! Forget everything you know about soccer shoes, the new adidas X and ACE shoes has arrived. The adidas X is a completely new type of football boot and is created for the player who causes chaos and disorder in the half of the opponent. The innovative adidas X is mainly the old adidas F50 Adizero and Nitro Charge 1.0 replacement, so away with the old shoes and forth with the new!

Because it is changing at the time the soccer world. 2 types of players - 2 types of football boots. That's what we've been waiting for, so let's get started!

Are you the player who wants to create the unexpected? Wants to change the course of the game and will try to chaos on the pitch and in the stands? Then the adidas X football boot the right one for you. With its aggressive tunnel system X-CLAW and the thin surface of the adidas X is the new lightweight- and speed boots.

One of the advantages of the new adidas X and ACE is that you can use them on grass and artificial turf. So you always have the same feeling under your feet, no matter what surface you're playing, going to change without their shoes for the right floor before the game or training. Players like Benzema, Suarez or Bale already wears the new adidas shoes and we are pretty sure that they will make some goals.

Here you will find a wide range of soccer shoes for children and adults and on you can order your new adidas X easily and with fast delivery. You can also choose whether you have your name, flag, or both on your shoe like.

Set now your site! Are you the controlling player or chaotic players? The choice is yours, and the game must win you can make all the difference!