Earlier this year we shipped Joltter out on a huge world tour, which has included visits to CR7 and Messi's childhood homes, among other things. But we would never sent him round the world without stopping by one of the very biggest football events. So come along and check it out as Joltter visited Berlin.

Joltter is already in the process of writing the next chapter in his World Tour, and right now he is actually in Hawaii. But before Joltter headed towards Northern America, he paid a visit to Berlin, where Nike were warming up for the Champions League final with a two day event, which was kicked off with the new Hypervenom X and rounded off accompanied by Ronaldo and Klose. And we may also add that Joltter of course was in there watching as FC Barcelona did the business in the Olympic stadium.

Go Hypervenom crazy just like Joltter did it in Berlin, right here.

As you can probably sense from the video, Joltter was pretty psyched to meet R9, Klose, Mario Gomez, Thiago Alcantara, all while testing both the new Hypervenom Phantom II football boots and the HypervenomX. Remember you can follow his continued journey around the world on our Snapchat: unisportlife