You open up the box. Slowly and carefully you remove the wrapping paper. In a joyous bliss you take your new football boots out of the box. You look at them, study them. You are captivated by them and you completely forget to even put them on your feet. It's hard to top the feeling, the smell and the sight of a new pair of football boots.

Do you remember your first pair of football boots? I'm sure you do. I recall mine were a pair of black leather boots from the Danish brand Hummel. A lot of you can probably also relate to Pepe and his father and their story of Pepe's first pair of football boots. Today, Pepe is a huge star in Real Madrid and can get whatever football boots he want. But is hasn't always been like that.

Today, Pepe wears Umbro foot and that is not for no reason. Pepe's very first pair of football boots were a pair of Umbro that he got from his father, who had to sacrifice everything he owned to make his son happy.

Today, Umbro have presented a new Speciali Eternal, which will land in our warehouse very soon. While you are waiting for the lush leather boot, you can check out how Pepe reacted to the news of his very first real pair of football boots.